Jun 1, 2011

Vacation Photo Diary

Sorry for the absence of posts recently, but it has been for a good cause, I was on vacation.  Is there a better reason? I don’t think so. 

I think I have mentioned before that traveling is one of my biggest passions.  If I haven’t, well, I am saying it now.  I love visiting new places, revisiting old places, and anything else that comes with it.  A few years ago, the hubby and I decided that instead of exchanging birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts, we would instead travel.  Unfortunately, we don't get to travel for everyone of these occasions, but rather take one, and if we are lucky, two trips a year.  It works out well because my birthday and our anniversary are only a few days apart, and the same goes for his birthday and Christmas.  It was meant to be. 

This year, we went to Europe to set out on a wonderful cruise.  They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I will let these do all the talking. 

There you have it, 8,000 words.  Have you been anywhere fun recently?  It’s too bad how quickly time goes by when we are having fun.  Oh well, I guess it just means we should start planning the next one. Suggestions?

Happy Wednesday!


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Desiree said...

Beautiful!! Lucky you!! And what great pictures! They did speak a thousand words.