Jul 20, 2011

Happy (and Stylish) Travels

I recently came across an article on Glamour.com with five tips for stylish travel.  With the end of summer coming along, with my love of travel, and with so many family members coming into town to partake in my nephew's birthday celebration, I thought it would be a fun (and useful) post to share.

Maybe you can identify some of the tips from the photo?  Any luck?  Here are the article's five tips to make our travels more stylish and comfortable:

Oversized scarf
Chic blazer
Large sunglasses
Loose layers
Cute flats

While I agree with all of these, I think it left out another travel essential, a stylish bag, big enough to carry all of our other travel essentials. 

What do you think? What are some things you cannot travel without?

Happy Wednesday!!!


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