Mar 26, 2012

Beach Bag Essentials

Beach weather is finally upon us.  It may seem a little early, but this is my favorite time to visit and enjoy the beach, before the soaring Texas temperatures arrive.  To take advantage of the amazing (and most likely short lived) weather, the hubby, the puppy and I headed to the beach this weekend.  There was plenty of sunshine and temperature in the 80s.  The best way to guarantee fun in the sun is to have a well packed beach bag with all of the beach essentials.  To welcome the coming weeks months of beach-worthy weather. Here are my beach essentials.

  1. A sand-repelling-fit-anything beach bag
  2. Big and bright beach towels
  3. Sunscreen!!! My favorite is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock.   
  4. Fashion forward sunglasses
  5. A cute and protecting straw hat
  6. My trusted sand-and-water-friendly havaianas flip flops
  7. Conditioner.  I like to put conditioner on my hair after being in the water.  The heat helps the hair absord the conditioner and it feels extra soft later.  This neutrogena triple moisture hair mask is my favorite
  8. Lip moisturizer.  The MAC tendertone lip balm is my all time favorite balm, it protects and softens my lips, beach or no beach.  It is the only makeup i'm willing to wear to the beach.  Now you know why #4 above is a must. (image via)  
I also never forget to take some light reading material, plenty of water, and my camera, to catch moments like this.

What are your beach essentials?  Are you craving all that fun in the sun too?

Happy Monday!!!


Victoria Rebelo said...

well...I would exchange two items from your bag: 1) The sunblock I only use the spray style, they are not sticky and very easy to apply all over and 2) You can't be Brazilian and wear a HUGE AMERICAN bikini at the beach...sorry, it's just ain't gonna happen!! HAHAHA, so I will take off the lip balm in favor of a cute Agua de Coco bikini...which brings me to another beach essential coconut water...US finally decided to bring this tropical drink to its supermarkets and here in LA you can find Vita Coco, which is fresh and delicious coconut water on the go(see at! LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it...summer is right around the corner and I can't wait!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hello doll! I`m watching your blog for a while! do you wanna follow each other? kisses