Sep 4, 2012

Recipe Book

Like many people out there, I have huge aspirations of becoming a better cook, or at least, cooking more often.  I actually enjoy cooking.  What I don't like is the clean up.  Disposable pots and pans would likely solve this problem.  Not an earth friendly solution (unless they are also biodegradable), but definitely convenient. 

Although I don't cook much, I do like to keep recipes I find in magazines and the internet.  In an effort to do a little more in the kitchen, I organized a recipe book, a sort of recipe catch all that I can refer to quickly and easily.

To get this little project started, I first determined which categories I'd like to have, then sorted (and purged) the recipes accordingly.  Next, I divided a large journal into approximately equal sections.  Then, I just trimmed and attached the recipes to the book. 


- Appetizers, soup, salad and sandwiches
- Pastas
- Chicken, beef and pork
- Seafood
- Vegetables and side dishes
- Desserts
- Drinks
- Holiday ideas

I could have spent some more time determining which categories would need more space, but I needed to make it simple and quick, or it might have taken me a few more years to complete it.  Now, all of my recipes are in one spot, easily accessible for when I am ready to give them a try.  Hubby and I are thinking that friday nights are good nights to start testing out some of these. 

How do you keep your recipes?  Do you even use recipes or just cook from your own head?

Happy Friday!!!

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René said...

Oh my - you are so organized! Our family favorites are in a notebook, but it isn't nearly this cute :)