Apr 15, 2013

Closet Addition

Hello blogosphere, long time no see.  Quite a bit happening around here.  I am going through a “transition period”, as in, I am transitioning out of my current job/career and going back to school. It's a little nerve-wracking going back to school full time.  I can’t lie and say I am super excited about being a student again, but I am really excited for the opportunities it will bring. 

All of the studying is not leaving much time for anything else.  I do want to try to make some time for the blog because I really enjoy it and I think it’ll be a nice little outlet for all of the stress of being a student again.  Hopefully I can keep a somewhat regular posting schedule and talk about interesting pretty things.

Although I meant to label this post a weekend review, not much happened this weekend.  I did get to go to the mall and look at plenty of pretty things.  It’s hard to exercise restraint, but I am trying.  There was one thing I didn’t resist…shoes, of course.  Hopefully my almost extinct social life will allow me to wear these somewhere, sometime soon. 

Shoes: Zara

See, pretty!!!!

What have you been up to? 

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

lindos looks. voce eleganterrima como sempre. amorrr... mamae.