Mar 1, 2011

Welcome....and Viva Las Vegas!

After a long time stalking, I mean, reading so many wonderful and interesting blogs, and desperately wanting to become a part of the blogosphere community, I finally decided jump in and (attempt to) write a blog.  This blog is about things I am interested in, passionate about, or really, just about sharing my experiences as a wife, homeowner, professional and woman. 

This first post is about one of our (the hubby's and mine) favorite things in the whole wide world, traveling.  We just love to travel, visit new places, revisit old places, and all that comes with it.  To kick start 2011, we took a short trip to Vegas.  We’ve been there a few times before, but an opportunity arose and we just aren’t the type of people to pass on opportunities, especially the traveling kind.  The weather was great.  We walked up and down the strip, visited the newest hot-spots and revisited the classics.  It’s amazing how the Las Vegas strip is always changing.  There never seems to be any space but somehow they always manage to squeeze in newer, poshier hotels.  I am not really sure poshier is even a real word, but then again, we are talking about Vegas, and in Vegas, anything goes.

One of my favorite places to visit in Vegas is the Jean Philippe Patisserie inside the Aria hotel.  I love all the intricate cakes on display, the beautifully created pastries and the mouthwatering food. 

If you are a fan of crepes, you must try the nutella crepe.  It is delicious, especially if you add some strawberries for a subtle contrast.  I may be biased because I just love me some nutella and strawberries.  Anyway, you can also get crepes at La Creperie inside the Paris hotel.  They are just as delicious and there are so many to choose from.  And while we are on the topic of food.  How about the buffets, oh the buffets.  So many options, so much food, so little time.  It’s no wonder they call Las Vegas Sin City.  I think it's for all the deliciously tempting  food...yeah, definately for the food. 

Happy Tuesday!!! 


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