Mar 2, 2011

First Impressions

We always hear that first impressions count.  With a simple firm handshake and some eye-contact, we are likely to make a lasting, positive impression on the people we are meeting.  Unfortunately, I couldn't say the same about my front door.  Despite the actual door, which the hubby picked out, there wasn't much else going for it.  While walking around the neighborhood, I noticed that many front doors looked nicer, more put together than ours.  And like in a Jenny Craig's commercial, I realized I just had to do something.  Then it hit me, all the left-over brick crowding our garage could finally serve a purpose.  So, we put it to good use in a little front door makeover.  I am happy how it turned out.  It's a small change but I think it gave the front door an instant upgrade. 



What do you think?  Have you done anything for your front door appeal?  What projects have you come up with to use your left-over brick?     

Happy Wednesday!!!!


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