Mar 28, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Actually, it was more like breakfast at home, but the title just sounds so much more interesting, I couldn't resist.  This weekend we hosted a small brunch at home for a few family members visiting from abroad.  There was no complicated or time-consuming menu, just some simple, yet delicious, standards. 

I think brunches will become my new thing.  It was nice having people over in the morning, and being able to get on with my day later.  Next time I'll make it even more fun by spiking the orange juice and serving up some mimosas, but maybe then there won't be much getting on with my day.

How was your weekend? Anything fun? Last week was so busy, hence, the lack of posts.  I worked on a really big, organizing/redecorating project.  I am compiling some pictures and will make sure to post them soon.

Happy Monday!



Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Looks like a fabulous brunch! And you're right, having people over early doesn't take up the whole day:)

Tammy@InStitches said...

That looks yummy.... I say go for the mimosas next time !