Mar 30, 2011

Starting Over: Guest Bedroom #1

As I mentioned on my previous post, I spent last week really busy working an a large and time-consuming organizing project.  It was so large, it was more of a let's-just-get-everything-out-and-start-over project.  My in-laws have been slowly rearranging and renovating their house.  For a while, they had too much on their plate and their house was put on the backburner.  They are now regaining control of the situation and I have been helping with my obsessive-compulsive highy-developed organizing skills.  Since I am not a fan of long and overly-descriptive posts, I'll post one room at a time.  To keep to a small budget, we mostly used what they already had, and just replaced or added what was necessary.  And although they have been working on decluttering for a while, we now had a fast-approaching deadline since they were expecting guests who will be staying a while.

Here are the before and after pictures for guest bedroom #1.



Much improved, don't you think? It is now inviting and comfortable.  It has been decluttered and the furniture has been positioned to allow for easy access around the room, to the bed and closet doors. 

Have you been up to any major decluttering? It is spring cleaning time.

Happy Wednesday!


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Valine & Enio said...

Parabens Brenda! Bom trabalho!
Brenda, This is a HUGE difference. Love it!!!!