Apr 18, 2011

From day to night

Make up is something I find to be so fun.  Fashion and beauty in general are things I enjoy quite a bit.  I look at pictures, on magazines and online, to see what people are wearing, find good beauty products, hair and make-up looks, just like most women, I am sure.  I can be a make-up junkie, but I am also often exercising self-control so not to spend money.  For the day and the office, I like my make-up to be simple and usually, I try to have a little more fun in the evening.  I am no make-up expert, but I definitely try.  Anyway, I ran into this make-up look from Glamour (online).  I just love it.  It’s simple and yet, it is appropriate for both day and night.

What do you think?  Although I am not a fan of pink, I am really liking her shirt.  Share your make-up or beauty secrets. 


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