Apr 20, 2011

Starting Over: Master Bedroom

Continuing the series on my in-laws' home makeover, I now present you with the new and improved master bedroom.  This room took a little more work than the guest bedrooms.  First, the master bathroom vanity was open to the bedroom, which bothered me (and most importantly, bothered them), quite a bit.  We addressed it by installing french doors to separate the spaces.  The next step was to address the closet door, which when open, would get in the way of opening the bedroom door.  Good for privacy, bad for when one wants to go in the closet and the other wants to leave the room.  So, we moved it into the vanity area, now closed off behind those nice french doors.  These door-placement improvements were the best things we did in the room.  they made a really big difference and created a much more peaceful feel in the room.  Our last step was to address storage, or the lack there of.  We added ikea wardrobes to each side of the bed, to create much needed storage, since their closet is oh-so-tiny.  I got the idea from Young House Love and it translated really well to my in-laws' space.  And for even more storage, we brought in a large chest of drawers.  It has been a big help to them to have their storage space multiplied. 

Now on to the pictures.  I don't have any true before pictures, just a during photo.  In the after photo, reflected on the mirror, are the french doors separating the bathroom.  The closet door was originally in between the (original) opening and the bedroom door.  Sometimes I just wonder how doors, power outlets, tv outlets and lights end up where they do. 



It is mostly done, but we still need to add a few other accessories (something over the bed), lighting and pulls of the drawers.  If you can believe it, I found that headboard, brand-new, on sale for $25.  Considering the price, I just couldn't pass it up.  It fit so well between the wardrobes and it contrasts with all of the light colors.   

What do you think?  This has been such an improvement.  I am really happy with how pretty, and functional, it has turned out. 

Happy Wednesday!


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