Jul 6, 2011

Ballerina Not So Flats

As I have mentioned before, I love shoes.  And as many shoe lovers, I lust over Christian Louboutins.  Something about those red soles is just irresistible.  Well, I should say almost irresistible, because those price tags make it quite resistible for my wallet.  Anyway, I came across this ballerina shoe Mr. Louboutin designed for an auction benefiting the English National Ballet.  I doubt they are wearable, but what an amazing piece of art.  One I certainly enjoy admiring. 

What do you think?  Is it art or just plain craziness?  Maybe one of these days I will win the lotto just so I can buy a pair, guilt (and debt) free.

Happy Wednesday!!!


volive said...

I love them! Definitely Art. Maybe you could get away with an hour of wear? Not
Moving though! Great post!

Tracy Cowell said...

Beautiful. Stick a foot in, take a pic and just cuddle with them after that.

Tracy Cowell said...

Love them!! Shoes I could really cuddle with ��

Tracy Cowell said...

Love them. Shoes I can really cuddle with ��