Jul 11, 2011

Starting Over: Guest Bedroom Revisited

A few months ago I posted about my in-laws' guest bedroom makeover.  I believe I mentioned this specific room was not done and we planned on adding another bed.  We finally got around to it.  I like it much better with two beds.  It came at a perfect time, when the in-laws are expecting their granddaughters to visit soon.  Here is what the room is looking like now. 

What do you think?  Again, just as I mentioned in the original post that wall color has to go, it is just too much for the small room, but with so many visitors coming around, it will have to wait.  How was your weekend?  Any makeovers revisited?

Happy Monday!



Desiree said...

I love the design on the sheets! Are they sheets? It's looking good!

House of Clark said...

Hi Desiree, I love the pattern too. They really are sheets. I like them so much I was wondering if I could turn them into curtains just like you did in your dining room. I'll have to refer back to your post for some motivation to attempt.

Desiree said...

They have a great design. I think they would be really pretty as curtains too!

Hyphen Interiors said...

That's exactly what I just did - revisited my master makeover. Gotta tweak the details so that it flows just right. Awesome that you can fit two beds!