Feb 1, 2012

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around...

The year has just barely started and a whole month is already gone.  It is amazing how time really does fly.  February arrived sooner than expected but Valentine’s Day has been shoved down our throats alluring us in stores, since December.  And while I am not fully recovered from all the holiday/post-holiday shopping, I feel like I can finally welcome it. 

Not much is being planned around our house to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’ll likely be more of a low key acknowledgement, but, in honor of the season, here are some ideas on how to celebrate, big or small.

1. My sister;s homemade chocolate lollipops
2. 2 ingredient strawberry fudge (via Pinterest)
3. Sprinkles cupcakes
4. Chocolate covered strawberries
5. Champagne and a Table for Two (via Google Images)
Delish!!! I am suddenly craving lots of sweets.  In case food alone will not fulfill all of the requirements for your Valentine's celebration, here are a few more ideas.

1. Bubble bath
2. Tiffany box (via Google Images)
3. Couple's massage
4. Bedroom Decor
5. Flowers
I will take any of these, no gift wrapping necessary.  How about that couple's massage?  Triple points if it comes with the view.  And if all else fails, remember, there is little a little blue box can't fix.

What are your plans for V-Day?  Intimate and simple or is it all of the items above? 

Happy Wednesday!!!

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