Feb 27, 2012

Oscars Red Carpet Review

Did you watch the Oscars?  I watched most of it, but missed the most important part, the red carpet.  While the show was still on, I peeked at pictures of celebrities arriving.  Ah, the convenience of the internet.  There weren't many dresses that really really really dazzled me.  There were lots of pretty ones, but nothing super unique or innovative.  Maybe on a second look...

I am an embellished shoulder lover, so I couldn't help but to love Maya Rudolph's embelished shoulder, back and waist.  I also really liked Emma Stone and Kristen Wiig's dress, but I think my girl Kristen would have been much more beautiful in a stronger color.  And the movement of Cameron Diaz' dress really captivated me.  Her hair and make up, not so much.  

What was going on with Gwyneth Paltrow's cape?  Or Kate Mara's weirdly placed strap (or was it a sling)? And how about Angelina Jolie's leg?  It now has its own facebook and twitter pages, just like Pippa Middleton's back side.  Here is my advice to you, Angelina, leave the posing (and the extremely skinny frame) to Victoria's Secret models, and instead, join Rose Byrn in an effort to put on a few pounds.  They say cameras add weigth, but for these ladies, it’s hard to believe.  They just don’t look healthy.   

I was surprised by all of the bridal white gowns and nude tones.  Were you wowed by the fashion? Surprised by the winners?  Do you even care?  I bet it’d be fun to have an Oscar viewing party to trash-talk discuss every aspect of the event.  Maybe next year.     

Happy Monday!!!

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