Mar 7, 2011

30 is the new 20!

Or so they say.

I am not big on throwing parties, for the hubby's disappointment, mostly because of all the clean up involved, before and after the party; however, I am most definitely a big party planner, even if only in my head.  Maybe it is the allure of the endless possibilities of decorations, menu options and entertainment.  Or maybe it is the simple fact that parties are celebrations of special events and of the family and friends who enrich our lives.

Anyway....last year I turned the big 30.  To celebrate this milestone, I had not one, but two parties.  Talk about going all out! I can hardly recognize my 30 year old self, pushing so many boundaries.  Ok, so I may be exaggerating a bit when I say parties.  They were more like small get togethers for a few close friends and family.   

The first celebration was on my actual birthday back home.  I can’t take too much credit for planning it because the food was catered, and the entertainment was just some good old conversation.  The second celebration was a week later, an appetizer and drinks soiree for even fewer (local) family and friends.  The highlight of the event was the bartender.  I had never hired a bartender for a house party, and it was so worth it.  It totally set the mood for the party.  That day I decided that any parties I host MUST have a bartender.  It felt so sophisticated, so like I belonged in my 30s, I think I totally pulled it off.  It really made having to leave my 20s behind for a whole new age box so much more pleasant.   
Do you enjoy hosting or planning parties? What are your party plannning tips and must haves? A bartender, DJ, a caterer, or perhaps all of the above?

Happy Monday!


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