Mar 11, 2011

Closet Organization: Diamonds...and shoes, are a girl's best friends

At least that is how I feel about my shoes.  In my most recent trip to the mall, I wondered into Forever 21 and fell in love with some shoes.  It was unintentional, I promise, I really wasn't planning on buying shoes.  However, to my happiness, the one pair available was, you guessed it, my size.  I must say I have been lucky at Forever 21, where I often find cute, comfortable, and most importantly, affordable shoes. 

I think I hear bells ringing

But enough about my weakness shoes.  This post is really about how I keep them organized.  One thing you must know about me, I live for organization.  I am constantly organizing and trying to come up with better ways to organize my house, my office, my life.  It is borderline obsessive.  My closet came with a built-in shelf.  The distance between shelves was too large so the hubby added extra shelves to make better use of the space, meaning make it perfect to store my shoes.  And since his side of the closet was not blessed with the same arrangement, we came up with an easy and inexpensive solution: ikea shelves. 

As for the spill-over, I keep them in baskets on the floor.  Please excuse the not so good pictures.  My photography skills are not nearly as developed as my shoe shopping skills.

Are you a fellow shoe lover? How do you keep your shoes organized? 

Happy Friday!


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