Jun 27, 2011

Outdoor Living

The hubby and I have a small covered patio in our backyard.  We have no back neighbors (added privacy) and a pleasant (and constant) evening breeze.  It is a really great feature.  With the outrageous Texas summer, having a covered space and a breeze are necessities in my book.  We have had a small patio set for a while but we recently decided to spruce up our outdoor living space by adding another bench, a few pillows, and a fan for the afternoons when no breeze is enough to keep us mildly cool.

What do you think?  Brighter and Nicer.  In a distant future I would like to extend the patio, add a nicer floor, and in an even more distant future, a pool.  It would be nice, but for now I am happy with it.  What are you doing for your outdoor spaces?  I would love ideas and inspiration.   Did you get to spend any time outside this weekend or are the high temperatures forcing you in?

Happy Monday!


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Desiree said...

Looks great! Love the colors! I know how you feel about the Texas heat. I did manage to get outside for a little while to paint some clay pots and fix our water fountain. I was going to take pictures, but then came the mosquitoes! I plan to take some this week and post.